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Shawn J Dostie, Auctioneer, - Bringing you excellence with select partners nationwide. Based in Ohio, partnered with Gryphon Auction Group out of Columbus, Ohio and select others nationwide. Shawn has sold real estate, personal property and conducted business liquidations in 12 different states, including several 7 figure auctions. Shawn has conducted or been significantly involved in Veterans Memorial, Columbus Ohio, ECOT, Columbus Ohio, Rubschlager Bakery Chicago, IL, real estate, Taos NM, real estate and pp, Baltimore MD, 1.379M Land auction Coshocton, Ohio, 1.3M Land and Mineral Auction, Sarahsville, OH, 997 acre Land Auction, Ironton Ohio, Islandia NY Bus Auction for AG of NY, and many other high profile auctions.

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What UBidNWin.com can do for you- 

Convenience, Efficiency, and Effectiveness. We live in a very time conscious society today. As auctioneers, it is our duty to get the highest prices in the most efficient manner for our sellers, whether it be personal property, or real estate. Even in rural America, auction attendance is down as people flock to Amazon, or any other site to order goods. Gone, in large part are the days when you could post a sign, and droves of people would just come spend 5-10 hours enjoying the auction, whether or not they got what they came for. BUT.... people still love the idea of a deal, which the auction method provides. Through the use of todays technology, a buyer can bid and win, using his smartphone, while watching his son play basketball, and his daughter cheer, at an away game, 3 counties away. We also harness the power of the internet to get your asset in front of the eyes that want what you have.

We touch over 500,000 consumers for every auction, free! We target consumers interested in your items on Social Media and Google with professional online marketers. It is the gasoline of our engines. We know Auctions, and we serve you

  • We can manage every aspect- You walk away
  • We can help you manage- You save expenses
  • You are our Client- We make it easier for you
  • We know the internet and how to reach buyers of your assets
  • We train other auctioneers and are known as the experts
  • We have conducted auctions of varied assets over 7 figures
  • We conducted the largest firearm auction in Ohio in 2018
  • 30 plus real estate auctions every year
  • We work in/with all 50 States
  • Back up plans including Buy Now Options
  • Security


ASE- Asset Solutions Experts- 30 or more Land Auctions annually, Industrial Liquidation Experts

Estate Specialists, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Property Experts.

Online or Live. Appraisals- Put the Experts to work for you.




Ohio Valley Trading Post Auction, conducted in partnership with Gryphon Auction Group, was the largest online Outdoor Supply Auction in Ohio in 2018 with a massive 15,000 lots, 5 locations, and well over 7 figures.